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Chuck Tyler is co-founder and resident DJ of Reno's favorite electronic event, House Party. He always steps to the decks with a grand sense of glee. From the grooviest tech all the way down to the deep end, he is always cheesing hard while playing what he insists on calling delicious house music. His productions take elements from pop, reggae, folk, hip-hop, and techno to create a familiar yet refreshing feel to the house genre. Chuck has shared the booth with Atish, m.O.N.R.O.E., Tara Brooks, Sacha Robotti, Robag Wruhme, Andreas Henneberg, Spencer Brown, Yolanda Be Cool, Ardalan, Nala, Holmar, and more; but his favorite way to spin is with close friends because DJing is mostly about sharing good music.

2023-05-05 a house party- atish _ dead ringer-0017.jpg
Sacha Robotti _ Dead Ringer_0005.jpg
2023-05-05 a house party- atish _ dead ringer-0017.jpg
A House Party Rodeo_0005.jpg
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